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Welcome to Regisfall, we are an Ultima Online shard based on a modified version of Teiravon, one of the longest running roleplay shards in the UO community. Featuring a diverse race and class system with experience based leveling, custom scripted abilities, a custom map, and a player driven economy. Our goal is to provide UO Roleplay fans with a highly upgraded and enhanced "spiritual successor" to the Teiravon shard. Regisfall includes significant modifications/additions to the world map, new core features such as crafting plans and subclasses, as well as countless quality of life updates and bug fixes. Come make the world your own or just get lost in our world of Regisfall.

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Main Website


Frequently Asked Questions




New to Regisfall?

Begin by reading the Starting Guide which will walk you through your first in-game moments on Regisfall and teach you some of the main commands. If you’re new to roleplay, you should read our Roleplay 101 article.

Read the Shard Rules and be well acquainted with them. Not knowing is not an excuse for breaking one of them, and we have quite a few of them in order to make sure everyone’s roleplay runs as smoothly as possible. If you're a Mac user, read the Installation Guide which will walk you through the motions of setting up Ultima Online to work with Regisfall.

Read the Shard Lore, it contains a lot of information such as race/religion information, and geography of the land.

Read this guide for optimizing your in game experience using ClassicUO/Razor.

The World of Regisfall







Custom Features

Main Gameplay Features:

Noteworthy Additions: