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The Merchant Board

The Merchant Board is a trading post, located at a prominent area in each main city. These Merchant Boards are operated by the Merchant Guild(NPC faction) and offer players the option to sell select items for a small profit. Players have a max quota on the number of items they can sell every 18 hours.

Supply Crates

Players may claim a new Supply Crate order every 8 hours, which they can fill and return to the nearby Merchant Guild Representative. These Supply Crates reward players with gold, experience, and Renown points.


By selling items at the Merchant Board and completing Supply Crate orders, players will gain Renown with the Merchant Guild. Increasing your Renown rank will unlock new bonuses such as:

  • Increased quota limit for selling items
  • Increased gold payout for selling items
  • Increased experience for completing Supply Crates
  • Free services at the Merchant Guild Representative

Known Benefits and Services

Reward Level Renown Required Service Sales Quota Supply Crate Exp Sales Renown Bonus Sales Bonus Gold
Neutral 0 No Benefit 60 items 1000 Exp 0 0
Friendly 1000 Identify an Item (2 minute cooldown) 70 items 2000 Exp 0 0
Honored 3000 Repair an Item (10 minute cooldown) 80 items 3000 Exp +1 (2 per item) +1 per item
Revered 6000 Charge a Power Rune (3 Day Cooldown) 90 items 4000 Exp +2 (3 per item) +1 per item
Exalted 12000 Hire an Apprentice 100 items 5000 Exp No renown +2 per item


  • The repair provided by the merchant's guild only takes away 5 points of an item's max durability whereas repair's by a player (Repair Service Contract/Player Character) deed deduct 15.
  • Mages, who are at least level 10, can charge a power rune every 2 Days (48 hours). As with normally charging a power rune, you need to have the ingredients required before the merchant will help you.
  • The extra gold provided by the sales/quota board is reflected in the system message displayed when the item is sold. It is not reflected on the sales menu.
  • When you achieve 'Exalted' Status you no longer gain renown for selling items, or turning in crates
  • At 'Exalted' Status you can claim a specialized trinket from the Merchant's Guild representative. Each character may only claim this trinket one time.

Merchant's Insignia

Merchant trinket.png

  • Potential skill boosts include: Tailoring, Tinkering, Cooking, Smithing, and Woodworking

Hired Apprentice

  • Summons a helper for 60 minutes (90 minute cooldown)
  • The Apprentice carries items for the player character
  • Picks up nearby stackable items off the ground
  • Drops all items carried to the ground when the timer on the Apprentice expires