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A Perk is a bonus point you get every time you level up.

Every player begins at level 1 with one perk point.

The available perks are: Skill Training, Skill Research, Languages, Teaching, Professions and Riding.

Skill Training

Each time this perk is selected it allows the advancement of three skills. All skills except for craft skills and those which are already capped can be raised. A single skill can be raised multiple times per skill point. The amount they raise is based on their current level.

The current level is checked after each raise, so raising a skill three times from 52 will get you 52+5+5+3=65 skill, not 52+5+5+5=67 skill.

Seven perks are required to raise a skill from 30 to 99.

Skill 0.0-60% 60.1-90% 90.1-120%
Gain 5 3 1

Skill Research

This perk allows you to raise the skill cap of certain tertiary skills not generally favored by your class. Each research will raise the cap of the skill by 20 not to exceed the maximum cap of 100. The skills you can research are:

  • Mining
  • Lumberjacking
  • Anatomy
  • Item ID
  • Arms Lore
  • Lockpicking
  • Cartography

If your cap in one of those skills is 100, it will not show on the list.


This perk allows you to understand foreign languages. The more points spent into a language, the greater your understanding; eventually allowing you to speak the language yourself. Not all languages are created equal however, and their difficulty to learn ranges. In order of easiest to hardest: Orcish, Dwarven, Elven, Lupine. Be warned, learning a language is a difficult prospect and it will take a significant number of points to see a result.

Usage: ]language X


This perk allows you to impart some of your knowledge on others. As you increase your teaching skill so too will your class durations and the amount you can teach. The smaller the class size, the greater the effect on each student.

Note: the teacher and student must remain in close proximity for a class to be effective.

Usage: ]teach, ]startteach


This perk allows access to one of three professions.

Will uncap the haggling skill which allows you to grovel and beg for coins from helpful NPCs as well as receive a higher selling price when selling your goods to NPC vendors.
Allows you enough tinkering to construct simple tools such as sewing kits, Scissors, skillets.. etc. (5 Tinkering)
Allows you to plant crops which will grow and renew periodically giving food to be harvested and eaten. The greater your farming the faster they grow and the more crops you can support.


Riding without the riding perk is hazardous, You suffer an intelligence and dexterity penalty, as well as risking falling off of your mount when casting or attacking. The riding perk represents an improvement to your skill with horses and will reduce the penalty eventually granting a bonus to expert riders. It can be selected a maximum of 4 times. The bonuses/penalties for each point in riding are:

0: -25 dex, -25 int
1: -15 dex, - 15 int
2: - 5 dex, - 5 int
3: no bonuses/penalties
4: +10 dex, +5 int


Hours of expert care has gone into the training required to exact every last bit of usable material possible. Points may be spent to increase material gains from either mining, lumberjacking or skinning.