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A Perk is a bonus point you get every time you level up.

Every player begins at level 1 with one perk point.

The available perks are: Skill Training, Skill Research, Languages, Teaching, Professions, Riding, and Farming.

It is very important to think about/plan your perk points prior to spending them, as perks cannot be reset.

NOTE: Even after level 25, you will gain an additional perk for every five million experience you acquire. Perks, therefore, are technically unlimited.

Skill Training

Each time this perk is selected it allows the advancement of three skills. All skills except for craft skills and those which are already capped can be raised. A single skill can be raised multiple times per skill point. The amount they raise is based on their current level.

The current level is checked after each raise, so raising a skill three times from 52 will get you 52+5+5+3=65 skill, not 52+5+5+5=67 skill.

Seven perks are required to raise a skill from 30 to 99.

Skill 0.0-60% 60.1-90% 90.1-120%
Gain 5 3 1

Skill Research

This perk allows you to raise the skill cap of certain tertiary skills not generally favored by your class. Each research will raise the cap of the skill by 20 not to exceed the maximum cap of 100. Weapon skills will max at whatever the highest starting weapon skillcap is for your class(Example: Cleric starts with 90 Macefighting cap, allowing them to raise Swordsmanship or Fencing caps to 90).

The skills you can research are:

  • Lockpicking
  • Cartography
  • Swordsmanship
  • Fencing
  • Macefighting

If your cap in one of those skills is 100, it will not show on the list.


This perk allows you to understand foreign languages. The more points spent into a language, the greater your understanding; eventually allowing you to speak the language yourself. Not all languages are created equal however, and their difficulty to learn ranges. In order of easiest to hardest: Orcish, Dwarven, Elven, Lupine. Be warned, learning a language is a difficult prospect and it will take a significant number of points to see a result.

Usage: ]language X


This perk allows access to the farming system.

Allows you to plant crops which will grow and renew periodically giving food to be harvested and eaten. The greater your farming the faster they grow and the more crops you can support.


Riding without the riding perk is hazardous, You suffer an intelligence and dexterity penalty, as well as risking falling off of your mount when casting or attacking. The riding perk represents an improvement to your skill with horses and will reduce the penalty eventually granting a bonus to expert riders. It can be selected a maximum of 5 times. The bonuses/penalties for each point in riding are:

0: -25 dex, -25 int
1: -15 dex, - 15 int
2: - 5 dex, - 5 int
3: no bonuses/penalties
4: +10 dex, +5 int
5: Ability to wield spear/polearm weapons while mounted
  • NOTE: that the Knight class has access to the cavalry feat which will give them five riding automatically, if selected, in addition to its other benefits.


Hours of expert care has gone into the training required to exact every last bit of usable material possible. Points may be spent to increase material gains from Mining and Lumberjacking.

  • +0.5 Resource gathered per perk point
    • 2 Perk points adds +1 resource per harvest
    • 4 Perk points adds +2 resource per harvest


Putting perks into farming will allow players to use the ]farm system to plant crops around the map (except in dungeons). These crops can be used to grow a few common place reagents, foods, livestock and cooking ingredients.

  • You gain 3 crops per perk allocated to farming
  • The cap is 20 for a total of 60 crops
  • The more farming perks you allocate the faster your crops will grow back (plants will need to re-planted to increment the timers as you improve skill)
  • Please note this is intended to be a supplement to other methods for gathering ingredients, reagents, and other materials
Farming Level (1 - 20) Min Delay (respawn hh/mm/ss) Max Delay (respawn hh/mm/ss) Crops Supported
1 02:03:00 01:58:00 3
2 02:01:00 01:56:00 6
3 01:59:00 01:54:00 9
4 01:57:00 01:52:00 12
5 01:55:00 01:50:00 15
6 01:53:00 01:48:00 18
7 01:51:00 01:46:00 21
8 01:49:00 01:44:00 24
9 01:47:00 01:42:00 27
10 01:45:00 01:40:00 30
11 01:43:00 01:38:00 33
12 01:41:00 01:36:00 36
13 01:39:00 01:34:00 39
14 01:37:00 01:32:00 42
15 01:35:00 01:30:00 45
16 01:33:00 01:28:00 48
17 01:31:00 01:26:00 51
18 01:29:00 01:24:00 54
19 01:27:00 01:22:00 57
20 01:25:00 01:20:00 60
  • Spawned crops, added by gamemasters and administrators, should not exceed the speed of level 20 farming.

Kirvas Eld - The Perk Trader

NOTE: This is intended for characters at 20+ who don't intend to use their perks or have run out of things to spend their perks on.

Kirvas Eld is an enigmatic entity residing within the depths of the ancient Olverton Caverns. Shrouded in mystery, Kirvas has an unsettling aura that emanates from his seemingly human form. With tales circulating about his origin, many are uncertain of his true nature. Some whisper that he is a demon, bound by ancient curses, while others believe him to be an ethereal spirit, tied to the land and its secrets. A handful of theorists even speculate that Kirvas is merely a projection or an echo of something beyond mortal comprehension.

His voice is particularly eerie; it feels as if it originates not from his form but from an unknown, distant source, as though carried through the winds of time itself. This chilling aspect adds layers to the enigma that is Kirvas Eld.

The history of Kirvas is as murky as the dark recesses of the caverns he inhabits. Olverton Caverns were believed to be a simple mining site, but rumors suggest that they might have been much more. Whether Kirvas was an ancient guardian of the caverns or a malevolent force that found refuge there is unknown. Furthermore, his connection or lack thereof to the catastrophic attack on Olverton by the Shadow Clan Orcs is a matter of speculation.

In the shadowy depths of the Olverton Caverns, Kirvas trades in fragments of mystical power with those daring enough to seek him out. These small pieces of power are said to have an unknown origin and potency. What Kirvas gains or achieves with these transactions is another part of the enigma that shrouds his existence. Is he gathering power for some dark purpose, or is he a caretaker of ancient energies?

  • Takes a perk point in exchange for a randomized magical item.