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Language System

  • Regisfall features a custom language system
  • The language system is meant to add some atmosphere to your roleplay and is not a major barrier to any of the core game features


The following languages are currently available:

  • Dwarven
  • Elven
  • Orcish
  • Lupine

Switching Languages

You switch languages with the ]language command

  • E.g. ]language elven

You can view your available languages with the base command

Learning Languages

Learning a language can be done through hearing a fluent character speak the language. The language system uses a percentage based skill system not all that different from traditional skills. You gain experience in a language by hearing the language spoken. If you successfully translate what is said, you gain significantly more experience than things that are not translated. The most efficient way to learn a language is to put a perk or two into it so that you can pick up more translated phrases and learn faster.

Alternatively you can apply perks to a language in order to immediately learn the language.

Language Perks to Master (Assumes 0)
Dwarven 3
Orc 4
Lupine 4
Elven 6

Default Languages

  • These are the default languages for each race. Every race can use common.
  • Any race can learn any language, including lupine

NOTE: The Druid class, regardless of race, is the only group that has default access to Lupine.

Race Elven Dwarven Orcish Lupine
Human No No No Druid Only
Dwarf No Yes No Druid Only
Elf Yes No No Druid Only
Orc No No Yes Druid Only


  • This breakdown was provided in order to help players to understand how 'long' manually learning a language might take and where it would be efficient to invest perks if you wanted to do that.
  • Thanks to Sar for providing these breakdowns
  • An Utterance in this instance refers to translating what is said. Remember, the more utterances you manage to catch the faster you will learn a language.

Language main.png

Manual learn.png

NOTE: As this is largely a feature for flavor text and atmosphere, it is unlikely these formulas will ever be adjusted. The more often you interact with large groups of players who know those languages, or the more perks you invest, the faster you will learn those languages.