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In-game Support

Requests for in-game support are handled through Discord using the SupportBot. Regisfall staff do not action any requests sent via direct messages. Support requests are for in-game issues that require staff help, such as:

  • To redeem rewards for a donation
  • Stuck or bugged character
  • Help with house zoning issues

How to use the SupportBot

1. Send the SupportBot a direct message explaining your issue, this will relay your message to all staff members in the form of a support ticket.

  • If this is your first time messaging the SupportBot, your message will not be received. You will be prompted to allow the SupportBot access to view your username and avatar(so staff can see who is sending the ticket). After you grant access, any following messages will be received by staff.

2. The first staff member to view your ticket will action it as soon as they are able.