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Regisfall has a vast world filled with many unique and interesting places to explore. The surface is home to the race of Man, Elves, and Orc. While underground dwell the Dwarves. There are also many wondrous treasures to be discovered deep in the pits of many dungeons and abandoned tombs.

Starting Cities


  • The largest Human settlement on the continent is called Edana
  • Historically Edana is part of the larger ancient Kingdom of Mercadia these are sometimes interchangeable
  • Edana is the Capital of Mercadia




See Nation boundaries here: Nation Boundaries

Other Locations


Gateway to the South


The mountain fortress of the South


A village on the western edge of the continent under the grip of The Consortium


Home to the Northern Resistance


On the eastern side of the continent, in a mountainous valley, resides a horde of dragons

The Dread Bog

Home to a violent group of cultists and the vengeful tree spirit they worship

The Mercadian Pass

The northernmost outpost operated by The Consortium

The Druid Grove

South of Ameresh and North West of Jyn-Pal this sacred grove has served as the gathering place for Druids long before recorded history


Shadowclan Mountain

Home of the Shadowclan Orcs


An ancient Elven Ruin now home to a host of undead and demons

Fort Arinson

A fortress in the south eastern section of the map, and the primary stronghold of The Consortium

Azamul Fortress

A sanctuary of darkness in the south western corner of the continent controlled by the Cult of Azamul

NPC Factions

The Consortium

The Arcanum Imperium

The Shadowclan

The Northern Resistance

The Cult of Azamul

Notable NPCs

Butch, The Wandering Merchant