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Player Housing

There are two main types of houses on Regisfall: Static houses and Deeded houses. Read about them below.

General Information


  • Houses are linked to characters. Not your account. They are not inherently shared across your account to other characters.
  • WARNING: If you delete a character who owns a house, without transferring the house ahead of time to another character, you are considered to have relinquished any/all claim to that house. This is not a matter staff will assist with.


  • A maximum of 2 houses may be owned per character
  • A maximum of 5 houses may be owned across an account


  • Lock Down - "I wish to lock this down"
  • Release - "I wish to release this"
  • Add Trash Barrel - "I wish to place a trash barrel"
  • Add a Strongbox - "I wish to place a strongbox"

Access Levels

  • Friend(Max 48) - Allows player to place a vendor, allows viewing of the housing gump, and grants access the Strongbox when set to "Friends"
  • Co-Owner(Max 3) - Allows the player to add/remove Friends, lock down and release items, and grants access to the Strongbox when set to "Co-Owners"

House Security

  • All houses on Regisfall are public and it is not possible to ban or kick other players
  • All houses may add 1 secure Strongbox which can be set to 1 of 3 access levels: Friends, Co-Owners, Owner
  • Directional movement on the Interior Decorator tool is restricted to the house owner only

Static Houses

Static houses are fixed houses which are built as part of the map. These normally take the form of town houses or vendor/animal stalls, but they can also be found in the wilderness. A Static house which is for sale may be purchased by double-clicking the sign. Houses may also be transferred manually by double-clicking the sign and using the house gump to target the new owner.

  • Static houses with the "Stall" tag indicate it is a vendor or animal stall. Every character may own one of these without adding to their house count(any stalls beyond 1 will count as a normal house)
  • Static houses with the "Government Property" tag indicate it is owned by a Nation, these do not add to a characters house count

Deeded Houses

Deeded houses are houses which can be placed by players. These must first be crafted through the completion of a "Construction Project", the individual crafting plans for which can be found throughout the world.

  • Deeded houses cannot be placed within the boundaries of a Nation. If you have an agreement with the leadership of a territory to place a house, you may submit a support ticket to have staff place it for you
  • There are set Rules on placing a Deeded house. Be sure to follow them carefully
  • See Construction Projects for specific information about building deeded houses


  • Houses decay if left unrefreshed for a period of 60 days
  • Owners and co-owners may refresh houses by: double-clicking the sign and opening the house gump
  • If left to decay, a Static house will be put back up for sale; a Deeded house will be deleted
  • All belongings are sent to the owners bank box(except for addons)
  • Player Vendors are deleted and their contents/gold are sent to their owners bank box
  • Houses with the "Government Property" and "Guildhouse" flags will not decay