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Resource Nodes


Resource Nodes are large stone objects, usually placed near mines and lumber mills, which are indicated on the world map. These nodes may be controlled and contested by any guild on the shard. Guilds who have control over nodes when node payout occurs will have all of their active members awarded with a Conquest Token for each node they control, up to a maximum of 5 per week. Conquest Tokens can be spent through the guildstone to claim a wide range of rare ingredients, materials, crafting plans, etc.

Node payout occurs on a weekly basis, every Sunday morning during server restart. Players who were awarded Conquest Tokens will receive their payout on their next login.

  • Server restart time is 05:00 NL Standard Time, 03:30 Eastern Standard Time

Contesting a Node

To contest a Resource Node, you must be in a guild and have at least 3 guild members(including yourself) within 20 tiles of the node to attempt contesting it.


  • All participating attackers/defenders must have ]PvP enabled, otherwise they are not counted toward that guild's nearby members
  • Players who attack a node and take control over it must wait 8 hours before attacking another
  • Node control will decay after 3 days, requiring the controlling guild to refresh it

There are 3 situations where a Resource Node will be contested:

  • Contesting while node is unclaimed(new node or decayed node):

This will instantly hand control of the node over to the contesting guild and only requires 2 players.

  • Contesting while node is controlled by a guild:

Once the contest button is clicked, the contesting guild must wait 30 minutes while within range of the node. Multiple checks will be completed over this duration(one check every 2 minutes) to determine whether there are still 3 living guild members within range of the node. If at any time a check returns less than 3 guild members from the contesting guild, control of the node will be reverted back to the previous guild. After 30 minutes of successful range checks, the contesting guild will be given control over the node.

Note: If 3 or more members from the controlling guild are standing inside the node radius, it cannot be contested.

Upon contesting a controlled node, a world broadcast will read the following message: "Word travels quickly throughout the land, a resource node owned by [controlling guild] is being contested by [contesting guild]."

  • Contesting while node is already contested:

Nodes can only be contested between 2 guilds. Should a third party like to contest the same node, they must first wait until it is controlled. Once a node becomes contested, only the previous owner may attempt a new contest on it, this will instantly return control back to them(requires 3 guild members).

Note: If 3 or more members from the contesting guild are standing inside the node radius, it cannot be taken back by the previous owner.