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Keep in mind that some of this is personal preference, but this guide is also meant to avoid common questions that get asked in our Question Corner Discord Channel regarding certain features. For a comprehensive guide of all features in Razor please visit Razor's Home Page

Optimizing your Gameplay Experience for Regisfall


  • These can be set any time as long as your client and Razor have been launched

Options Tab

Targeting and Queues

Razor 1.png

  • The longest range weapons on the shard track at 14 tiles, but most spells, ranged feats, and skills are limited to 12 tiles
  • Depending on your character class, you may want to change this setting per profile
  • Currently Auto Unequip for potions/Re-equip does not work.

Additional Options

  • Clearing 'Auto Unequip hands before casting' will negate the common issue where casters drop spell channeling/mage weapons
  • Clearing auto-open doors is another preference of mine. This setting has to be set in ClassicUO and Razor if you want to turn it off entirely

Razor 2.png

Display Tab


Razor 5.png

  • Check 'Create waypoint on death'
  • At some point, you are going to die. Marking a waypoint at the spot where you die is helpful for returning to your corpse

Friends Tab

Razor 3.png

  • Note that you can create separate friend(s) lists, but party members are not required to be on your friends list as long as this setting is checked

Advanced Tab

Razor 4.png

  • Configure a backup location for your Razor profiles. We recommend using cloud storage or a backup location that can be accessed if you lose your files


  • In Game Only

General Tab

General Section

Cuo 1.png

  • My personal preference is to disable automatically open doors, as it makes navigating some dungeons difficult unless you run straight at the door. Remember there is a duplicate setting in Razor. (see above)

Gumps and Context Section

Cuo 2.png

  • Grid loot is a must, so you should make sure to turn that on, there are times where the standard corpse gump is very useful, and so I choose to use 'Both'

Cuo 3.png

Miscellaneous Section

  • You will probably want to enable drag-select to open health bars. Use of a modifier key is optional


Cuo 4.png

  • At a minimum you will want to ensure that your journal is saved to your in game folder
  • I prefer 'Activate chat when pressing ENTER' because it allows me to leverage any key as a macro key without having to clear my speech queue


Cuo 5.png

  • As you can see here, with counters enabled I have a nice 5x5 grid (set it to whatever you want)
  • Counters can be used to track quest objects, supplies, and other items. You can also 'use/activate' an item by clicking on the item in the counter (e.g. Scissors)


Cuo 6.png

  • Double click to loot items inside containers is very useful for looting treasure chests, corpses (through the traditional corpse gump), and any other container

The other options are for all intents and purposes optional, but I find them extremely useful for various quality of life improvements they provide