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Changes to Luck

Luck works very differently on Regisfall. On a traditional UO shard there is a tendency to build luck suits for hunting, artifacts, and other item drops.

Lucks Uses

  • Treasure Hunting/T-Hunting

As explained on the artifacts page, the base chance to acquire a tier 1 or 2 artifact on an applicable treasure map is 7%. Every 100 luck, up to 500, increases the chance by 1%, for a total cap of 12%. This roll is done when you dig up the chest, not when you open it. Once the chest has been dug up, you can switch out your gear.

  • Magic Jewel Crafting

As explained on the craftable magic jewelry page, you can wear luck gear while crafting magical jewelry to increase the chances that you will create magical jewelry with stronger properties and higher intensities.

Luck does NOT impact

  • Any aspect of combat
  • Crafting ingredients drops
  • Craft plan drops
  • Encrusted Object Drop Chance
  • Fishing
  • Items found in dungeon treasure chests
  • Jewelry that drops off of bosses
  • Lockbox drops
  • Loot drops off mobs