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Regisfall has many custom craftable items and artifacts. These can be found throughout the world by hunting, exploring dungeons, digging for buried treasure through the use of treasure maps, or by sailing to the location of SOS messages.

See the below list of the various items that can be found in the world of Regisfall:


Standard Items

Master Crafts



Craftable Magic Jewelry

Construction Projects



Crafting Plans


Class Specific Crafting

  • Some of these class specific crafts require the use of a feat point
  • They are not affected by the Master Craftsman feat, and cannot count towards your one free craft feat
  • For more information see Starting Guide
  • Most of the class specific craft items can only be used by the classes that craft them

Arcane Enchantment (Mage Class Only)

Bestow Blessing (Cleric Class Only)

Druid Craft (Druid Class Only)

General Info:

  • Hit Chance Increase cap: 45%
  • Defense Chance Increase cap: 45%
  • Faster Casting cap: 2 (4 for Mage)
  • Faster Cast Recovery cap: 2 (4 for Mage)