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Character Reforge Scroll


It is possible to acquire a Character Reforge Scroll through an in-game quest, the location of which is not marked on the world map. The minimum level for this quest is 15 and requires the following items:

- 20000 Gold Coins

- 1 Artifact Fragment

- 1 Charged Power Rune

- 1 Shimmering Orb

The Reforge Scroll will save the character's experience points and skills upon use. Later, after you have gone through the character creation process, these experience points and skills will be applied to your reforged character(not to exceed skillcaps of the new class).

Note: All feat points will be reset when reforging a character. Perk points, however, will not be reset.

It is very important to read each of the menus/gumps and follow their instructions carefully.

Using the Scroll

Upon double-clicking the Reforge Scroll, you will see the following gump:


Clicking "Accept" will save your current experience points and skill values to the scroll. By doing so you will also have all of your current skills set to 0 and character creation will be initiated.

Select your new Alignment, Race, and Class.

Once you accept your new Class, you will arrive at your racial city and the feat gump will be shown. At this time you should select any of your desired feats which raise skillcaps in any way. This is especially important for crafting feats, as accepting the final confirmation before choosing one will only result in raising the skill to 40%(the default cap) and any further skill points will be lost.

After selecting your skillcap-increasing feats(you can save any other feat points til later), double-click the Reforge Scroll again to see the following gump:


Once you have selected your feats for the reforged character, click the "Accept" button and you will receive a Character Rename Deed. Double-click this to set a new name for your character. If you are simply reforging into the same character but choosing a different class, use the deed and enter the same name(the deed is not movable).