Bestow Blessing

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Bestow Blessing

You have been gifted with the ability to place blessings upon specially prepared items. This Feat is a requirement in creating holy items, such as Holy Water which is a bane of the Undead. The type of items that can be blessed increases based on the level of the Cleric.

Craftable Items

Access craftable items by:

Holy symbol.png

  • Double clicking your Holy Symbol
  • Selecting Bestow Blessing
  • Select Prepare Cleric Item

Holy Water (Crafting Ingredient)

  • Increases in intensity as the Cleric gains levels
  • Can be used as a throwable to douse a target in holy water
  • Can be spread in an area to apply Area of Effect damage

Cleric Robe

Cleric Staff

Cleric Mace

Cleric Shield