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Experience the game like never before.


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Featuring a diverse race and class system with an experience based leveling system, custom scripted abilities, custom map, player driven economy, and much more.

Race and Class System

Choose between 4 playable races and 8 classes, inspired by DND. Upon reaching Level 10, each class has the option to specialize in 1 of 2 subclasses.

Experience Based Leveling

Regisfall utilizes a custom Leveling System that, while not stopping you from training skills, raises your stats and grants you access to new powers.


Mandatory in-character roleplay where players like you are in control of the world and its events.


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Regisfall utilizes a custom class system.

Browse our playable classes below:


Subclass options: Berserker, Defender

The Fighter is a specialized combat character. He is a versatile warrior, capable of wearing heavy armor and wielding just about any weapon.


Subclass options: Deathknight, Paladin

The Knight is a heavy armored warrior with the ability to cast some beneficial spells. Having specialized in the various melee weapons, the Knight forgoes any skill with the bow and arrow.


Subclass options: Blademaster, Monk

The Kensai is known for being extremely agile and coordinated, being able to dodge many quick melee attacks. However, this agility comes at the price of the Kensai's unwillingness to don any form of armor.


Subclass options: Assassin, Scoundrel

Rogues come in extremely varied feats and forms. From the dull-witted thug to the infamous and romanticized few who captivate the public’s eye with daring displays of agility and cunning, all the while eluding capture of the local guards.


Subclass options: Bounty Hunter, Beastmaster

The Ranger is a hunter and a woodsman. He is skilled with weapons, especially the bow and the sword, and is knowledgeable in tracking and woodcraft.


Subclass options: Priest, Zealot

The Cleric is the harbinger of of all that is good and holy in the lands. It is a Cleric's job to look after the souls of the residents here and provide aid to those in need.


Subclass options: Restoration, Predator

Where the Mage commands the elemental powers of Gaia's being, you command the more physical aspects; the plant and animal life. Whether calling upon the local wildlife to your aid, bringing the area plant life to the waking world, or even calming the most enraged of beasts, you have powers at your command that are equal to what the elementalist holds.


Subclass options: Cryomancer, Pyromancer

The Seekers of Secrets. Mages are most interested in learning for its own sake. Curious and persistent, their peers consider them flighty because they shift from one subject of study to the next, apparently leaving things unfinished.