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Class Summary

The Fighter is a specialized combat character. He relies upon his strength and weapon to face monsters, and whatever other dangers lurk around the next corner. A veteran Fighter knows when to use what weapon to reap its full benefits, since certain creatures have natural resistances to certain weapons. Knowing when to use your arsenal properly can mean the difference between life and death for a Fighter out in the wilds, or in the depths of dungeons.

  • No Spellcasting ability
  • Cannot use Wands or Scrolls


The stat offset for Fighter can be viewed on the Level System page.


(note: All other skills default to 0.0 each)


Swordsmanship - 100.0

Macefighting - 100.0

Fencing - 100.0

Aim - 100.0

Wrestling - 100.0

Tactics - 100.0

Block - 100.0

Dodge - 60.0

Resist Spells - 100.0

Arms Lore - 100.0

Anatomy - 100.0

Healing - 60.0


Blacksmithing - 40.0

Carpentry - 40.0

Cooking - 40.0

Tailoring - 40.0

Tinkering - 40.0


Camping - 100.0

Cartography - 80.0

Detect Hidden - 100.0

Herbalism - 100.0

Fishing - 100.0

Lumberjacking - 100.0

Mining - 100.0

Musicianship - 100.0

Item ID - 100.0

Feats and Abilities



Upon reaching level 10, every class has the option to choose a subclass in the feat menu. While still retaining all of your existing skills and knowledge from your base class, selecting a subclass allows you to further specialize in a specific discipline.


The Defender specializes in a deeper understanding of how to fully utilize their shield and armor. A veteran Defender can be one of the most challenging foes to defeat in battle due to their sheer resilience.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities


The Berserker can be one of the most deadly of adversaries. A Berserker is able to focus their inner-rage as they become wounded in battle, making them stronger and faster than would otherwise be mortally possible.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities
  • Rage Barrier (free feat)
  • Power Lunge (free feat)
  • Chance to double-strike on melee hit
  • +100 Stamina
  • +60% Focus cap
  • +10% Swords/Macing/Fencing caps

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