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Class Summary

The Knight is a heavy armored warrior with the ability to cast some beneficial spells. Having specialized in the various melee weapons, the Knight forgoes any skill with the bow and arrow. While quite capable to fend for themselves, the Knight is generally sought after as a party member due to their effective group abilities.

  • Cannot use ranged weapons


The stat offset for Knight can be viewed on the Level System page.


(note: All other skills default to 0.0 each)


Swordsmanship - 100.0

Macefighting - 100.0

Fencing - 100.0

Wrestling - 100.0

Tactics - 100.0

Resist Spells - 100.0

Anatomy - 100.0

Block - 100.0

Arms Lore - 100.0

Magery - 75.0

Evaluating Intelligence - 75.0

Dodge - 60.0

Healing - 60.0


Blacksmithing - 40.0

Carpentry - 40.0

Cooking - 40.0

Tailoring - 40.0

Tinkering - 40.0


Camping - 100.0

Cartography - 80.0

Detect Hidden - 100.0

Herbalism - 100.0

Fishing - 100.0

Lumberjacking - 100.0

Mining - 100.0

Musicianship - 100.0

Item ID - 100.0


Circle Spell
First Circle Create Food Heal Nightsight
Second Circle Agility Cunning Cure Harm Protection Strength
Third Circle None
Fourth Circle Greater Heal Lightning
Fifth Circle None
Sixth Circle Dispel

Feats and Abilities



Upon reaching level 10, every class has the option to choose a subclass in the feat menu. While still retaining all of your existing skills and knowledge from your base class, selecting a subclass allows you to further specialize in a specific discipline.


The Paladin is a Knight who calls upon the divine energy of their deity to cast shields and beneficial spells for themselves and their allies. Paladins specialize in the use of 1-handed melee weapons alongside a shield.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities
  • Redemption (free feat)
  • +5% Cap in all weapon skills
  • +10% Parrying skill while wearing a shield
  • 100% Magery Cap, +25 Skill
  • +3 Mana regen
  • Resurrection Spell Unlocked
Circle Spell
Eighth Resurrection


The Deathknight is a Knight who calls upon the wrath of their deity to perform dark spells and blood magic. Deathknights specialize in the use of 2-handed melee weapons and are able to parry blows while wielding them.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities
  • Judgement (free feat)
  • +10% Weapon skill while wielding a 2-handed weapon
  • Chance to parry with 2-handed weapons
  • +2 Mana regen

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