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Class Summary

Where the Mage commands the elemental powers of magic, you command the more physical aspects; the plant and animal life. Whether calling upon the local wildlife to your aid, bringing the area plant life to the waking world, or even calming the most enraged of beasts, you have powers at your command that are equal to what the elementalists holds. You have no equal when it comes to dealing with the sentient children of nature. But as a Druid, you must still adhere to the standards and demands as befitting your position. Always, must you respect nature and learn when to use it's powers. As with any Druid, armor involving ferrous materials cannot be equipped with the exception of Leather and Boots, and your combat weapons are limited those of non-metal make (daggers being allowed).

  • Leather Armor only


The stat offset for Druid can be viewed on the Level System page.


(note: All other skills default to 0.0 each)


Magery - 100.0

Resist Spells - 100.0

Anatomy - 100.0

Tactics - 100.0

Wrestling - 100.0

Macefighting - 80.0

Block - 80.0

Dodge - 60.0

Healing - 80.0

Evaluating Intelligence - 80.0

Swordsmanship - 40.0

Fencing - 40.0


Blacksmithing - 40.0

Carpentry - 40.0

Cooking - 40.0

Tailoring - 40.0

Tinkering - 40.0

Alchemy - 100.0


Animal Lore - 100.0

Animal Taming - 100.0

Camping - 100.0

Detect Hidden - 100.0

Herding - 100.0

Inscription - 100.0

Veterinary - 100.0

Cartography - 80.0

Tracking - 80.0

Herbalism - 100.0

Fishing - 100.0

Lumberjacking - 100.0

Mining - 100.0

Musicianship - 100.0

Item ID - 100.0

Arms Lore - 100.0


Circle Spell
First Circle Create Food Heal Night Sight
Second Circle Agility Cunning Cure Protection Strength
Third Circle Poison Wall of Stone
Fourth Circle Arch Protection Arch Cure Curse Greater Heal(Restoration Druid only) Lightning
Fifth Circle Poison Field Summon Creature
Sixth Circle Dispel Mass Curse Reveal
Seventh Circle Chain Lightning Mass Dispel Polymorph
Eight Circle Earthquake Resurrection Summon Air Elemental Summon Earth Elemental Summon Water Elemental

Feats and Abilities



Upon reaching level 10, every class has the option to choose a subclass in the feat menu. While still retaining all of your existing skills and knowledge from your base class, selecting a subclass allows you to further specialize in a specific discipline.


The Predator is a melee-focused subclass for Druid. They benefit from extra damage through their bleed ability and extra combat skill caps. Predators are more restricted with spells compared to Restoration Druids, and are not able to cast Greater Heal.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities
  • Bite (free feat)
  • Physical Resistance (free feat)
  • +10% Wrestling/Tactics cap
  • +15% Dodge cap
  • Increased HP Regen (+2)
  • Chance to cause bleed on hit (chance is level/2 + 5)


The Restoration Druid is a spell-focused subclass. While retaining the ability to shapeshift and fight as an animal, they will gain powerful effects for healing spells, making the Restoration Druid a viable group healer.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities
Circle Spell
Third Circle Bless

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