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Butch, an enigmatic wandering merchant, has recently begun to frequent the port near Darmshall. A character steeped in riddles and conjecture, a secret perhaps hidden in the depths of the uncharted seas or within the shadowy corners of The Consortium, depending on who you ask. With a hard-to-place accent, a curiously diverse set of merchandise, and a seemingly unending stream of coin, Butch has become an unavoidable talking point amongst the locals.He trudges the length and breadth of the continent, carrying his curious caravan of strange, exotic and sometimes priceless wares, trading with anyone willing to barter, from the lowliest peasant to the most regal nobility. The people he encounters are no more diverse than his goods, ranging from mundane commodities to oddities the likes of which are seldom seen, always procured from an undisclosed source.

His striking appearance only fuels the mystery - a weather-beaten visage hinting at countless journeys under the relentless sun and through storm-lashed seas. His eyes, crinkled from the wind and weather, hold a glimmer of untold tales and clandestine dealings. His wandering lifestyle and intriguing persona make him an enigma, casting an intriguing silhouette against the landscape of ordinary merchant life. Butch is, in short, an individual who carries with him a web of intrigue as vast and unpredictable as the uncharted seas from whence many believe he hails.

The Wandering Merchant

Butch wanders all over the realm and carries an assortment of rare goods, decorative items, and high end craft materials. He can be found wandering along the roads between the various settlements around the continent.

  • Merchant travels along the roads of the main continent selling various wares and rare items
  • Has 7 possible sell lists, one is set at random when spawned; Merchant will re-spawn every 3 hours
  • Players may buy up to 3 items(a stack of material counts as 1 item) every 3 hours
  • Merchant does not restock during that period