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Class Summary

The Cleric is the harbinger of of all that is good and holy in the lands. It is a Cleric's job to look after the souls of the residents here and provide aid to those in need. Armed with Divine powers of protection and a medium of ability to protect yourself from physical harm, you will be a welcome addition to any adventuring party. Add those devices to your natural ability to call back a fallen companion from the grasp of death, no party should leave home without you. These special abilities come at a cost, however, you can never master any weapon style nor can you wield anything other than mace weapons. Given the benefits of keeping you alive, your companions should be only too happy to keep you well protected."

  • Restricted to medium armor(chainmail)


The stat offset for Cleric can be viewed on the Level System page.


(note: All other skills default to 0.0 each)


Magery - 100.0

Evaluating Intelligence - 75.0

Resist Spells - 100.0

Tactics - 100.0

Anatomy - 100.0

Healing - 100.0

Wrestling - 100.0

Macefighting - 90.0

Block - 60.0

Fencing - 40.0

Swordsmanship - 40.0

Dodge - 60.0


Blacksmithing - 40.0

Carpentry - 40.0

Cooking - 40.0

Tailoring - 40.0

Tinkering - 40.0

Alchemy - 100.0


Spirit Speak(Prayer) - 100.0

Detect Hidden - 100.0

Camping - 100.0

Musicianship - 100.0

Item ID - 100.0

Arms Lore - 100.0

Herbalism - 100.0

Fishing - 100.0

Lumberjacking - 100.0

Mining - 100.0

Cartography - 80.0


Circle Spell
First Circle Heal Nightsight
Second Circle Agility Cunning Cure Harm Protection Strength
Third Circle Bless Arch Cure Arch Protection
Fourth Circle Arch Protection Arch Cure Curse Greater Heal Lightning
Fifth Circle None
Sixth Circle Dispel Mass Curse
Seventh Circle Chain Lightning Mass Dispel
Eight Circle Resurrection

Feats and Abilities



Upon reaching level 10, every class has the option to choose a subclass in the feat menu. While still retaining all of your existing skills and knowledge from your base class, selecting a subclass allows you to further specialize in a specific discipline.


The Priest is a specialized healing-based subclass. Benefit from stronger healing spells and effects, as well as some powerful feats which allow you and your party members to survive stronger threats.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities
  • Lay on Hands (free feat)
  • Turn Undead (free feat)
  • Shield effect on Greater Heal spell
  • +50 Max Hits
  • +100 Max Mana
  • +10% Block/Eval Int/Prayer caps


The Zealot is a damage focused subclass, having both their spellcasting and melee capabilities improved from the base Cleric class.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities

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