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Re: Changelog

Post by deepblue » Thu Nov 24, 2022 12:53 pm

[Misc Updates:]
- Fixed bug allowing summoned mounts to be attached to a hitching post
- Fixed bug causing items dropped into a locked container to be deleted
- Dropping items into a locked container is now restricted to non-stackable items
- Added Great Bow to the Elf racial Aim bonus
- Great Bow is now repairable
- No longer possible to smelt Plan or Artifact quality weapons/armor
- Removed Repond Slayer from the Night's Kiss plan item
- Updated list of crafting plans in CraftItem.cs; should no longer get Masterwork prompts for these
- Added Tobacco to ]farm (Tobacco pipes coming in future update)
- Riding cap increased from 4 to 5 perks
- 5 Riding skill now allows the use of polearm/spear weapons while mounted
- Ice Blast will now cancel when the Frozen Hibernation feat is active
- Knockback effect from Ice Blast/Force Arrow will no longer be applied to targets who are trapped/entangled
- Teleport spell is now blocked while caster is trapped/paralyzed
- Mage Schools have been renamed to the following Subclasses: Pyromancer, Cryomancer
- Updated all class skillcaps in character creation menu

[Skill Research update: Weapon Skills]
- All characters now get 100 Wrestling cap by default
- All characters now get a minimum of 40 cap in all weapon skills, these vary by class
- Weapon skills added to Skill Research in the ]Perks menu. These may be increased to the skillcap of the main weapon skill for your base class
(Example: Cleric can raise Swords/Fencing caps to 90 since their base Macefighting cap is 90. Subclass bonuses will not allow you to raise caps further)
- Increased weapon skillcaps will persist through feat resets and character reforges
- Some modifications have been made to allow most classes to utilize the 3 main weapon skills(Example: Blademaster can now parry with macefighting/fencing weapons)

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Re: Changelog

Post by deepblue » Wed Dec 07, 2022 3:02 pm

[Misc Updates:]
- Fixed bug allowing multiple conjured elementals to be summoned at once
- Fixed issue where 5 Riding perks would no longer give the stat bonus gained from 4 Riding
- Increased passive run speed for dead bonded pets
- Majority of red-named boss mobs will no longer slow when injured or chilled
- Animal Lore and Player Profile gumps will now use the classic parchment scroll background(this requires a re-install of the Regisfall.rar package)
- Removed some inaccessible Treasure Map locations
- Adamantite Battle Mace plan has been added to Old Encrusted Object and Treasure Map Chest loot
- Summoned mounts will no longer unsummon while a player is riding
- Improved general functionality of the Cunning Flourish feat
- Fixed issue with ]Flourish sending incorrect system messages
- Added Ready/Unready function when using ]Flourish multiple times while a weapon ability is stored
- Scoundrel ]Tricks abilities have been split into 2 groups: Eye Gouge/Throat Chop, Explosive Flask/Smoke Bomb. Each group has an independent 30 second timer
- Explosive Flask no longer requires a bottle of booze to activate
- Explosive Flask is now a revealing action
- Scoundrel ]Cipher has been modified: You must now encode your message along with a 4 digit code, any character without the Espionage feat may decode the message using the correct 4 digit code

[Updates and fixes to Nation Guilds/Guards:]
(all existing guard spawners have been wiped following these changes)
- No longer possible to resign if you are the guild leader, you must pass leadership to another member
- No longer possible to resign if you are the last remaining guild member, you must page staff and have them take control of the guildstone
- In the unlikely event a nation guild somehow still disbands, all guard spawners for that guild will now be deleted
- Added option to pass Guild leadership to another member in the guildmaster gump
- Nation Guards will now attack non-tamed basecreatures from a set list(majority of common aggressive creatures/monsters)
- Nation Guards will now automatically reset to their spawn direction after an encounter
- Overall buff to the 3 Guard types(Increased damage, resistances, stats)

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Re: Changelog

Post by deepblue » Wed Jan 18, 2023 3:41 pm


[New Hero Levels]
Hero Levels can be gained from level 21 - 25. These levels are considered very long-term goals, allowing veteran players the chance to slowly continue progression of their character after reaching level 20. Hero Levels operate a little differently; they are designed to have a lower overall mechanical benefit on your character compared to standard levels. This is to help Hero Levels feel a bit less "mandatory" for players to grind if they really don't want to, while still being worthwhile to those that do. A Hero Level will grant the following:
- 5 In each stat (no racial or class stats are awarded)
- 3 Perk Points
(Level 25 will award 1 feat point)

[New Class: Knight]
- See the Knight Wiki page for information on this new class

[New icon system for negative effects]
- Currently displays an icon at the top of the game window while under the following effects: Poison, Bleed, Judgement, Stuns, Corruption, Mortal Wound, Chill, Ignite
- Icons automatically load and close upon the effect timer starting/stopping
- Icons will reload if effects are still active on login

[New Dungeon: The Burning Depths]
- See the Burning Depths Wiki page for some general information about the dungeon

NOTE: This pre-patch includes a test version of The Burning Depths only. In the coming days/weeks, after some testing and refinement of the dungeon and its bosses, it will be opened to players

[Various new crafting plans/artifacts]
10 New crafting plans will be available now during the pre-patch, with 30 more crafting plans and artifacts releasing later, as exclusive drops in The Burning Depths.

[Misc Updates]
- Druids may now equip jewellery while shapeshifted
- Existing Perk/Skilldrop gumps will now be closed before opening a new gump(to prevent gump stacking)
- Blackwatch Gate Travel location has been moved near the Southern border of Mercadia
- Mage's mana shield and Priest's holy shield will now absorb incoming damage at a 100% absorb rate until the shield is destroyed
- Languages other than Common will now be displayed in speech as follows: "(Language:) message text"
- Increased duration and chance to proc for Frost Armor feat, added graphic/sound on successful proc and enemy stun
- Maximum possible range on a ranged weapon is now 14. Some ranged weapons have been adjusted accordingly
- No longer possible to add crops in caves or dungeons using ]farm
- No longer possible to plant more than 1 crop on the same tile
- Deleting a crop in ]farm will now automatically load a new "delete crop" target cursor
- Players will no longer receive KO Sickness when helped up by another player
- Lay on Hands will now cure poison and stop bleeding when used on a living target
- Lay on Hands can now be used to target a KO'd player to help them regain consciousness
- The ]Companion command will now load a gump, allowing players to choose their companion type
- Updated Account Slots(should no longer bug out when attempting to create 5th character)
- Updated ]WhatIsIt to display item hue/itemid for unnamed items
- No longer possible to mine ore deposits or chop trees while mounted
- Excess "Quest Items" which become unmovable after quest completion will now be deleted on an attempted drag/drop
- Cartography or Lockpicking cap gained through Skill Research will now be saved as an xmlvalue on the character and will be reapplied during resets/reforges
- ]Flourish has been restricted to melee weapons and will now require 100 weapon skill to activate
- Fieldplate hit point bonus increased from +5 to +7 per piece
- Rangermail and Lightplate now give +5 hit points per piece
- Dragonscale armor now gives +10 strength and 5% reflect physical per piece

The following items are now stackable:
- Dough
- Sweet Dough
- Eggs
- Wheat
- Barley

General update disclaimer: Not all of these modifications will take immediate effect, some will require in-game work by GM's before they will be seen by players

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Re: Changelog

Post by deepblue » Sun Jan 22, 2023 12:33 pm

[Misc fixes/updates:]
- Some bosses within Shadowclan Mountain will now reset to their spawn location at full hit points if lured too far away
- Bosses will no longer flee when at low hit points
- Jewellery will no longer unequip while shapeshifting
- Eriksons Eyepatch and Gnome Goggles will now equip on the Earrings layer
- Added LOS check to Fire Blast ability on various mobs
- The Magic Resistance skill/Elemental Resistance feat will no longer allow resistances to go beyond the resist cap
- Fixed issue causing Explosive Flask flame animation to remain on screen
- Emoting with ":" in a non-common language will no longer show a (Language) tag
- Fixed bug causing some non-common language text to disappear when a low-skill player for that language is nearby
- Rogue Kick feat will now display properly in feat menu when selected
- Fixed multiple potions in the crafting menu which had too many listed ingredients to view
- Added graphic when Divine Intervention negates damage
- Burning Depths bosses updated to most recent version

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Re: Changelog

Post by deepblue » Mon Jan 30, 2023 12:02 pm

[Misc fixes/updates:]
- Negative effect icons will now automatically close on death/KO and reset after resurrection
- Tactical Assessment will now give enemy stat readout after a successful weapon hit. This may occur every 30 seconds
- Flourished weapon abilities will now unready if attempted with a ranged weapon
- Removed Nation Guard reset timers; Guard AI will be reworked in a future update
- Fixed issue with stat bonus not being awarded with 5 Riding perks
- Updated Burning Depths loot list to most recent version
- Updated Burning Depths mobs/bosses to most recent version
- Finalized Burning Depths spawn/despawn functions

[Changes to items:]
- Adamantite Threaded Boots are now a class-restricted item: Mage, Cleric, Druid, Knight
- Shroud of Divinity Mana Regen prop reduced to 2 from 5
- Eternal Light is now Spell Channeling

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Re: Changelog

Post by deepblue » Sun Feb 05, 2023 3:15 pm

[Misc Updates:]
- Added LOS check for the Dark Aura feat
- Alchemy and Cooking "Racials" label re-named to "Master Crafts"
- Updated Alchemy Science info in feat menu
- Lockpicking a container is now a revealing action
- Knight/Deathknight/Paladin labels will now appear in the Friends List Gump
- Added Dodge, Lockpicking, Item ID, Detect Hidden, Arms Lore and Camping to magic jewel skill bonus list
- Disguise Kit is no longer usable by Orcs
- Reduced stat bonus duration of Bluudlust from 3 minutes to 2 minutes
- Cleave and Lunge will now only strike adjacent enemies within +-5 Z level
- Moved the "Claim free Feat Reset" button to left side of the Feat menu(hopefully it won't look like an exit button now?)

The following armor pieces will now offer the Mithril spell absorption effect(4% chance per piece):
- Outlaw/Scalemail/Marauder 3 piece plan sets
- Lightplate Sabatons
- Cinderwalk Greaves
- Warmasters Deathgrips
- Skull Rattle Sleeves
- Flamescarred Gladiator's Tunic
- Crown of Thieves
- Hell's Bulwark

[Class Balancing:]
- Priest Holy Shield value reduced by 10
- Holy Nova cooldown increased to 1 minute from 45 seconds
- Restoration Druids will now cast standard Heal/Greater Heal on targets with an active Restore effect
- Nature Aura heal amount reduced by 5
- Nature Aura now heals more based on the casters Magery skill (+1 per 10 skill)
- Rallying Cry cooldown increased to 5 minutes from 3 minutes
- Cleave cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 45 seconds
- Lifetap Totem cooldown reduced to 2 mintues from 3 mintues
- Lifetap Totem damage increased by 20%
- Judgement cooldown reduced to 2 minutes from 3 minutes
- Zeal cooldown reduced to 1 minute from 90 seconds
- Divine Intervention cooldown reduced to 2 minutes from 3 minutes
- Holy Fire cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 1 minute
- Redemption cooldown reduced to 1 minute from 3 minutes

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