All Belong to Gruumsh

The Orc Nation of Burz'Kal.
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All Belong to Gruumsh

Post by Grull » Thu Oct 12, 2023 9:40 pm

The end was near, Grull knew it. Many fights. Many changes. The Age of Smoke rose and covered all.

Grull stood in front of the shrine of Gruumsh. He stood unarmored. The only thing he bore was his finest blade. The light of the torches illuminated the treasures scattered around the altar. Gru'rok stood behind the Warchief, war mace firmly in hand. He knew what was about to unfold.

Grull held the sword at his side.

"Gruumsh has not forsaken us Gru'rok...Gruumsh cannot see us now. The enemy has hidden all." Grull's eye of mist churned slowly, fading through different shades of green. "I have reached my end. There is only one more thing I can offer to Gruumsh."

Grull held his blade out and towards himself.
Gru'rok took a stance.

"So ends Grull. My body for Burz'kal...My blood for GRUUUUMSH!!!"

With his war cry, Grull drove the blade into his abdomen. He went to his knees when his war cry ended. He began to draw the blade threw himself. Every inch he carved, a roar welled from his throat.

"All belong to Gruumsh...
"All belong to Gruum...
"All belong t...."

Blood pooled at the Warchief's feet. Intestines piled slowly.

Gru'rok roared "GRUUUUUUMSH!!!"
Grull joined him one last time.

Gru'rok swung the dire mace with both hands and all his strength.
The green mist in Grull's eye faded into nothing, leaving only a scared, empty eye socket.

Grull was no more.

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