This is a roleplaying shard and as such you are expected to maintain a certain standard of interaction. Failure to acknowledge roleplaying or to interact in an in character manner will result in disciplinary action.

Roleplay on mounts
No riding mounts inside houses or underground. No exceptions.

Naming a character after an existing character, within the shard or in other works of fiction is impermissible. Neither will names with reference to RL concepts or inappropriate joke names be allowed. Your character was born, and he was named, names that do not reflect that fact will be changed. Example: A barbarian known as Khurno “Bear Crusher” Enhrits is permissible (by presenting that nickname to other characters in-game), however simply naming yourself Bear Crusher guarantees that your name will be changed by a GM.

Breaking the Fourth Wall
References to real world people, places, things, or events either in speech or in emotes will not be tolerated. “Breaking the Fourth Wall” so to speak or any actions in which the character acknowledges the mechanics of the game engine will not either. This includes referencing character level, class, alignment, feats, perks, or any other property which is not directly observable by the character. Example: “Pardon me sir, might you help me slay the orcs of the forest? I need only 5,500 more exp to hit level 13”

Logging out
Logging out in order to avoid a disadvantageous roleplaying situation is absolutely forbidden and will be met with jail time and returning of any items that were part of the roleplaying situation. (Example: Logging out to avoid a battle or being captured; to avoid being caught in the next 7 days after you steal from someone)

Force Roleplay
Dictating another characters actions through your own, known as Force RP, will not be tolerated. You may only dictate your own actions and not another’s. Emoting any forced action on behalf of another character can be considered Forced RP.

Example: Approaching another player and emoting *Cuts off your arm*. This a clear violation as no other player can dictate such changes or alterations to your character. This is not related whatsoever to combat or PvP; If you are approached by a bandit in-game who demands gold or your head, their actions are permissible according to the Combat rule.

Conversely, ignoring another character’s actions through unrealistic emotes or simply not responding in a way appropriate for your character demonstrates a fundamental inability to role play and will be dealt with accordingly.

Meta gaming
Actions motivated solely by out of character information are utterly impermissible. Giving information to your character simply based on your player knowledge is referred to as “Meta Gaming”. The only information that it is permissible for your character to act upon is information the character has personally acquired.

Abuse of PvP Flagging System
Engaging in PvP on Regisfall requires all parties to flag for PvP with the ]PvP command. Any attempts to work around this system will be met with harsh consequences. This includes behavior such as:
- Attempting to deal damage or negative effects(such as stuns/slows) to those with PvP toggled off.
- Healing players who are actively engaged in PvP while you have PvP disabled.
- Intentionally spoiling or interrupting RP; being distracting/obnoxious with no intention of toggling PvP on to face consequences.
- Engaging in "Power RP" with PvP toggled off; being overly confrontational to others with no intention of toggling PvP on to face consequences.

Any players found to be abusing or attempting to take advantage of the PvP flagging system will have their PvP permanently toggled on.

Permanent Death
A player does not have the authority to dictate another player is “Perma-dead” (unable to resurrect). Perma-death is reserved for agreements between players and GMs only.

A raid occurs when 3 or more characters go to a city/outpost with a specific goal to cause harm to the target faction’s structures and/or inhabitants. If 5 or more characters stand inside another faction’s defined territory with the intent of causing trouble, it shall be also considered a raid. All raids must have at least 1 staff member present.
RAIDS – Rules Apply for All Participants
* 0. Only during raids it is allowed for personal property to be destroyed, animals and livestock killed, vandalism, statues destroyed and burning structures and bridges, bank robbing and larger scale damage to the city.
* 1. Raids can take place at any time, but must be posted on the forums and be observed by at least 1 online staff member.
* 2. You must have a valid reason/objective for raiding
* 3. Participants must continue fighting until they die or yield or retreat
* 4. Once you die or yield, you can no longer participate and must gather at a designated area(this will be announced by staff) – remove any weapons/armor. You aren’t allowed to stay and watch, confusing others. This has the potential for you to be captured after the raid. If you do not wish for this to happen you must leave the raid area by logging out or leaving the battle area. If you are the target of the raid you must remain the battle area. (For example: A raid against the Orcs to capture the Warchief)
* 5. Once you retreat, you can no longer participate. This is permanent retreat from the battle for your character, not falling back to heal or re-group; you have made it clear that you are retreating from the battle.
* 6. PvP ends when one side can no longer continue fighting
* 7. You may take prisoners from the designated area, or take prisoners even if they weren’t killed beforehand.
* 8. NPC guards are allowed only on the defending side.
* 9. 3 players minimum must participate on the raiding side.
* 10. One target per raid.
LOOTING: Objective; if it applies. (For example: Raiding for a magical weapon the Elves have found. Otherwise no looting will occur.)

The staff should know of the property you are about to damage before the raid begins so that precautions if are needed should be added to the game and preparing idle destruction decorations for it before the raid begins. Submit with the following in the event forum(contact staff before hand to arrange a time so they can be online):
Time: (at least 1 hour before the raid)
Target town:
Target: (structure and goal you wish to accomplish, 1 target per raid)

Bugs, Exploits, and General Mechanics
Even as long as the UO engine has been around there are still significant bugs and exploits within the system. It is the responsibility of mature players to report bugs as they are found. The willful exploitation of bugs will result in jail time and possible banning from the shard.

Exploits are not to be discussed in any forum or channel; they should be reported immediately to a GM or Admin. If you discover an exploit or if something seems strangely amiss, report it to the staff; abusing the exploit will result in jail time and loss of any gains through the exploit.

Bugs or general suspected mechanical faults can be reported in the appropriate bug forum/channel.

Multiple accounts
Multiple accounts which are under the control of a single user are not permitted and may risk deletion.

Multiple accounts belonging to different users of the same household however, are permitted to play on the same IP address. This must be reported/confirmed with staff via Discord, as we will need to create any additional accounts for you(attempting to create more than 1 account on the same IP will automatically lock you out).

Harassment or disruptive behavior which is aimed solely at interfering with the enjoyment of others will be deemed griefing and dealt with accordingly.

Poor OOC sportsmanship including smack talk, defamation, or other discourteous acts is severely frowned upon. We’re all playing a game together, being gracious in your victories or defeats reflects better on you as a person. Actions with motivation of causing distress to the player behind the character rather than to within the setting are considered griefing and will not be tolerated. The game is supposed to be fun for everyone and players who bring fun to all those who interact with them are actually rewarded; do not bring IC to OOC or OOC to IC. This respect goes for both player to player and player to staff. Some staff may be lenient on venting towards them while others are not; treat others as you would like be treated yourself.

Remaining logged into the game while AFK or unresponsive will result in you being disconnected.

AFK Macroing
Is not allowed and may result in your afk macrod skills nerfed and even your skill cap nerfed.

House Placement
Deeded houses are an important new part of Regisfall's housing system, but they must be placed in a sensible manner. Observe your surroundings when deciding on a spot, if your house looks silly or out of place you may be required to move it.

- No houses are to be placed within or directly alongside common hunting areas(Blackwatch, Wyrmwood, etc)
- No houses are to be placed on or touching roads, pathways, or mountain passages.
- No houses are to be placed which block other player’s access to places such as mining areas and dungeons.
- No houses are to be placed unnecessarily close to another.

If a house is in an illegal area, a dated warning sign will be placed. Failure to remove the house by the given date will result in the loss of the house and all items within it. No compensation will be handed out for any loss due to this. If in doubt, confirm with staff that your chosen location is acceptable.

Administrators reserve the right to remove anyone determined to have a negative impact on the shard.