Play Now

Thank you for your interest in Regisfall. Before playing, it is highly recommended that you read the rules.

1. To get started on Regisfall, first download and install Ultima Online.

2. Download the Regisfall file package (last updated 08 May 2023) and unzip it into your UO directory

IF UPDATING FILES: Do NOT overwrite settings.json as it stores your login preferences.

3. The Classic UO Client is recommended for playing on Regisfall. A customized version of this client is included in the Regisfall package, named Regisfall.exe. Alternatively, you may use the standard client or any game launcher such as Razor or UO Steam.

- Load the Regisfall Client from (your Ultima Online install directory)/Regisfall.exe
(You can right-click to create a shortcut, and move it to your desktop for easier access)

4. You may now log in using your desired username and password.