Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Regisfall?
Regisfall is a free to play Ultima Online roleplaying shard, using a heavily modified version of the old Teiravon script base. Featuring a diverse race and class system with experience based leveling, custom scripted abilities, a custom map, and a player driven economy. Our goal is to provide UO Roleplay fans with a highly upgraded and enhanced "spiritual successor" to the Teiravon shard. Regisfall includes significant modifications/additions to the world map, new core features such as crafting plans and subclasses, as well as countless quality of life updates and bug fixes.

Is roleplay enforced on Regisfall?
While we do not consider Regisfall to be a "hardcore" RP server, yes roleplay is enforced. Everyone is expected to stay in character and leave any OOC talk for party chat or Discord.

Will I have to write an application to make my account/character?
No. Regisfall is auto account creation and there is no application required to make a character.

How many characters can I make?
The default character limit is 3, however players may donate to the server for an additional 2 character slots if they wish.

What era is Regisfall?
Regisfall is using the Mondain's Legacy client but is highly modified and doesn't really fit a specific era.

Where is the server located?
The physical location of the server is Newfoundland, Canada

Server specs?
Intel Core i7-7700k @ 4.2ghz, 32gb ram, 1gb/s Fiber connection.

What are some of the main in-game commands I should know?
]charinfo - Displays the character information gump.
]expbar - Displays the experience bar gump.
]exp - Displays your character level, current experience, and experience required for next level.
]feats - Opens the feat menu. This is a major aspect of character progression on Regisfall.
]perks - Opens the perk menu. This is another main aspect of character progression, though not as important as feats.
]conceal - Allows the player to conceal their identity, provided they are wearing the appropriate style helm or a hooded robe.
]grab - Allows you to grab and drag another player.
]hunger - Displays current character hunger level. A hungry character will have poor stamina regeneration.
]language - Allows the player to change which language their character is speaking.
]cooldowntoggle / ]ct - Informs a player when a feat cooldown has expired and is ready to be used again.
]playercount / ]pc - Displays number of online players.
]roll - Performs a 1-100 roll and reads number as a system message to yourself and any party members.
]friends - Opens the Friends List gump.
]findrp - Opens the Find RP gump, allowing you to locate other roleplayers.
]skilldrop - Opens the Skilldrop gump, allowing you to manually lower skills at 1% per click.
]pvp - Toggles PvP flagging on or off.
]donations - Opens the Donation Reward gump.

How do I raise my stats?
Stats are awarded automatically when you gain a level. The amount you will gain in each stat depends on your race/class combination.

What is the Skillcap on Regisfall?
The skillcap is 1100 for Humans and 1000 for all non-Human races.

What is the best way to gain experience?
Generally the easiest way of gaining experience is to join a party with a group of other players and hunt the various creatures of the realm. Gaining experience is not limited to slaying creatures however, methods such as healing others, or crafting items can prove to be a viable way of leveling up. Quests are also a very good way to gain experience, as well as some handsome rewards for your troubles. If you fancy yourself as a serious role-player, staff are regularly on the lookout to reward good role-play with some experience points.

How do I open the world map?
To open the world map, click the arrow in the top-left corner of your Ultima Online client. This will open the options bar, and the world map button can be seen toward the right side.

Drop by the Discord server if you have any questions about the shard!