Frequently Asked Questions:

Is roleplay enforced on Regisfall?
While we do not consider Regisfall to be a "hardcore" RP server, yes roleplay is enforced. Everyone is expected to stay in character and leave any OOC talk for Discord.

Will I have to write an application to make my account/character?
No. Regisfall is auto account creation and there is no application required to make a character.

How many characters slots are there?
At launch, the character limit will be one. Several weeks into launch, the limit will be raised to two. After the limit is raised, the option to buy a third slot will be available on the Donations page.

What era is Regisfall?
Regisfall is using the Mondain's Legacy client but is highly modified and doesn't really fit a specific era.

Where is the server located?
The physical location of the server is Newfoundland, Canada

Server specs?
Intel Core i7-4770k @ 3.5ghz, 16gb ram, 1gb/s Fiber connection

When can I play?
There is no estimated launch date at this time.

Drop by the Discord server if you have any questions about the shard