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Metals on Regisfall can be gathered through the Mining skill either by targeting a cave/mountain tile with your pickaxe, or mining an ore deposit.

Blacksmiths who have mastered their craft also unlock the ability to create alloys with the ]Alloys command.

(Mining skill % required):


  • Iron.png Iron (0%)
  • Tin.png Tin(35%)
  • Copper.png Copper (50%)
  • Bronze.png Bronze (65%)
  • Valorite.png Valorite (80%)
  • Obsidian.png Obsidian (90%)
  • Mithril.png Mithril (100%) - Dwarven racial metal

Craftable Alloys

  • Steel.png Steel (100%) - Human racial metal
  • Bloodrock.png Bloodrock (100%) - Orc racial metal
  • Ithilmar.png Ithilmar (100%) - Elven racial metal

PVE Drops/Rare Deposits

  • Adamantite.png Adamantite (110%)


Different types of wood can be gathered on Regisfall through the Lumberjacking skill by chopping trees. Their uses are wide-ranging, being used in anything from bows to furniture, as well as in some special crafting recipes.

(Lumberjacking skill % required):

  • Oak.png Oak (0%)
  • Pine.png Pine (30%)
  • Redwood.png Redwood (45%)
  • Whitepine.png White Pine (55%)
  • Ashwood.png Ashwood (70%)
  • Silverbirch.png Silver Birch (85%)
  • Yew.png Yew (95%)
  • Blackoak.png Black Oak (100%)


Leather can be gathered through the skinning of dead animals/creatures. The variety of leather gathered will depend on the type of creature being skinned:

(Tailoring skill % required):

  • Leather.png Leather (0%) - Obtained mainly from animals and low level skinnable creatures.
  • Spined.png Spined Leather (70%) - Obtained from some low level skinnable creatures. To list a few: Ratman, Lizardman, Alligator, Direwolf
  • Horned.png Horned Leather (80%) - Obtained mostly from mid-tier wyrms such as Drakes and Sea Serpents.
  • Barbed.png Barbed Leather (90%) - Obtained mostly from high-tier wyrms such as Dragons and Ancient Wyrms as well as some other sources.
  • Scaled.png Scaled Leather (100%) - Obtained from rare creatures and is generally used for high level Tailoring gear.