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Nation Guilds


There are currently 4 Nation Guilds, one for each of the main Racial territories on Regisfall:

  • Mercadia
  • Arandor
  • Karagard
  • Burz'kal

Each of these Nation Guilds require Resource Nodes to sustain their NPC Guards.

Resource Nodes


There are two main node types:

  • Static Node: These nodes cannot be contested and are generally very close to a main city, offering some base resources in order to sustain a small number of guards for their Nation at all times.
  • Dynamic Node: These nodes can be contested by any Nation Guild.

There are 3 main resource types that a node can be set to:

  • Ore
  • Lumber
  • Food

A combination of these resource types are needed to hire additional guards. The yield per node usually varies between 1-5, with higher yielding nodes being in more dangerous/isolated locations.

Contesting a Node

To contest a dynamic Resource Node, you must be in a Nation Guild and have at least 3 guild members(including yourself) within 20 tiles of the node to attempt contesting it.

There are 3 situations where a Resource Node will be contested:

  • Contesting while node is unclaimed(new node):

This will instantly hand control of the node over to the contesting guild.


  • Contesting while node is controlled by a guild:

Once the contest button is clicked, the contesting guild must wait 30 minutes while within range of the node. Multiple checks will be completed over this duration(one check every 2 minutes) to determine whether there are still 3 living guild members within range of the node. If at any time a check returns less than 3 guild members from the contesting guild, control of the node will be reverted back to the previous guild. After 30 minutes of successful range checks, the contesting guild will be given control over the node.

Note: If 3 or more members from the controlling guild are standing inside the node radius, it cannot be contested.

Upon contesting a controlled node, a world broadcast will read the following message: "Word travels quickly throughout the land, a resource node owned by [controlling guild] is being contested by [contesting guild]."


  • Contesting while node is already contested:

Nodes can only be contested between 2 guilds. Should a third party like to contest the same node, they must first wait until it is controlled. Once a node becomes contested, only the previous owner may attempt a new contest on it, this will instantly return control back to them(requires 3 guild members).

Note: If 3 or more members from the contesting guild are standing inside the node radius, it cannot be taken back by the previous owner.