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Feats are a representation of your characters progression through the world of Regisfall. As you grow in level, you will be awarded feat points periodically. These points can be spent to unlock new powerful abilities or grant access to crafting and other skills. The decision of what feats to pick is a large one for your character because they cannot be reset.

Gaining feat points

Your first feat point is gained when creating your character. This applies to characters of all races except humans who gain two feat points at creation. You are thereafter awarded with a feat every fifth level (i.e. level 5, 10, 15 and 20).

Spending feat points


You access the feat gump through typing ]feats in-game. This will open up a gump where you can choose between viewing either your available race feats, crafting feats, class feats, or your spec abilities. After selecting a category, you will see a list of the feats available to you. To choose a feat you simply click the green button next to it. Pressing the arrow beneath a feat will show you information about the feat.

Warning: Please note that you will NOT be prompted to confirm after clicking the green button.


You can choose feats specific to your race, class and specialization. All characters have access to the crafting feats page.