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Death works differently on Regisfall compared to OSI. Rather than turning to a ghost when you die and requiring resurrection, you instead are knocked out(KO'd). This causes the screen to turn black until you regain consciousness. Death is still possible by other players and is a much larger hindrance. See some more details about the KO/death system below:

KO System

Upon reaching 0 hit points your character gets knocked out(KO'd). The KO timer is your level * 8 seconds. Upon regaining consciousness, your character will have 1/2 of their hit points and mana, and have full stamina.

Regaining consciousness:

1. Have a friend help you up by using bandages. This can save quite a bit of time.

2. Wait out the KO timer. This can take longer(depending on level), but you will also be given a short invul period(5 seconds) afterward where your character cannot be hurt.

KO Sickness:

Getting knocked out in the world leaves your character feeling physically drained and weak. As such, upon regaining consciousness there is a 2 minute period where you receive "KO Sickness". These are the penalties:

- Unable to mount

- 1/3 loss of your dexterity and intelligence.

- 0% Chance to defend against a ]grab

This sickness lasts 2 minutes.


Death occurs when another player beheads your unconscious body. The only way to be resurrected is to find a player healer and have the resurrect spell cast on you, or to find an ankh in the world.