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Class Summary

Rogues come in extremely varied feats and forms. From the dull-witted thug to the infamous and romanticized few who captivate the public’s eye with daring displays of agility and cunning, all the while eluding capture of the local guards. While some Rogues simply strike their target with a blackjack to the head and empty their pockets, many prefer to acquire the trust and dance around the victim’s feelings and beliefs, all in a well choreographed display of mental cunning. And when their guard is finally dropped, the Rogue makes off into the pages of history with all of their ill-gotten loot, leaving their victim slack-jawed and astounded. Rogues are known for their ability to understand and pick open practically any chest, and their famously quick fingers. As such, many of them seek fame and fortune with adventuring groups, hoping to put their skills to use on a suitably large chest of treasure.

  • Light Armor only
  • No spellcasting ability


The stat offset for Rogue can be viewed on the Level System page.


(note: All other skills default to 0.0 each)


Fencing - 100.0

Tactics - 100.0

Anatomy - 100.0

Wrestling - 100.0

Resist Spells - 100.0

Dodge - 100.0

Arms Lore - 100.0

Aim - 80.0

Swordsmanship - 80.0

Macefighting - 60.0

Healing - 60.0

Block - 60.0


Blacksmithing - 40.0

Carpentry - 40.0

Cooking - 40.0

Tailoring - 40.0

Tinkering - 40.0


Remove Trap - 100.0

Snooping - 100.0

Stealing - 100.0

Stealth - 100.0

Detect Hidden - 100.0

Haggling - 100.0

Hiding - 100.0

Begging - 100.0

Camping - 100.0

Disable Device - 100.0

Herbalism - 100.0

Fishing - 100.0

Lumberjacking - 100.0

Mining - 100.0

Musicianship - 100.0

Poisoning - 100.0

Cartography - 80.0

Feats and Abilities



Upon reaching level 10, every class has the option to choose a subclass in the feat menu. While still retaining all of your existing skills and knowledge from your base class, selecting a subclass allows you to further specialize in a specific discipline.


A master of the shadows, the Assassin is a melee-based subclass which focuses on maximum damage output through the use of their weaponry and poisons.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities


A trickster by nature, the Scoundrel utilizes an arsenal of unique abilities which allow them to outmaneuver and outsmart their opponents rather than relying on raw damage output.

Subclass Feats
Subclass Abilities
  • Espionage (free feat)
  • Cunning Flourish (free feat)
  • Immobilize (free feat)
  • +15% Dodge cap
  • Increased mana regen (+2)
  • Backstab adds a slow effect/stun(while hidden)
  • +20 Base damage on Armor Ignore

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