Ceremony of the Open Sky

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Ceremony of the Open Sky

Post by Talom » Tue Jul 11, 2023 11:13 pm

*Missives with ornate scrolling and maps are sent to each civilized group of people, Edana, Darmshall, Karagard and Burz'kal*
Arandor invites those of mortal souls to a Ceremony of Open Skies, a offering of worship to Fanyarnir, the Sky Lord and Father of the Valar.

This Ceremony is one where elves stand before their kin and offer they own history and share what they have learned through this history.

Those who attend who are of mortal blood may offer their history as well, so as to become more familiar with one another.

This Ceremony will be held in the mountain outpost that leads to Arandor itself, its open air and open skies will be a welcome sight.

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(Basically a backstory sharing event, come tell a tale of your characters history be it dramatic or otherwise! Ceremony will be held Wednesday July 19th at 5pm PST)

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