Combat Tips: OFFENSE

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Combat Tips: OFFENSE

Post by drowking » Tue Jun 13, 2023 12:07 am

- Combat Skills

Your weapon skills help you offensively and defensively.

They play a large part in the chance to hit calculation and are worth raising even past 120.

They also help you defend while using a weapon type you're experienced in. For example, you are much more prone to be hit if you're using a mace at 80 mace-fighting than with a sword at 110 swordsmanship.

Most mobs in UO use Wrestling as their base combat skill, which helps wrestlers better attack and defend against them.

- Other offensive skills

Aside from combat skills, other skills are a must have.

Tactics improves your attack damage and unlocks weapon specials.

Anatomy improves your attack damage and healing.

Arms Lore lowers the mana cost of weapon specials.

- Attack

A few stats go into the attack calculation and they all help a little in their own way.

The stats are: DEX, weapon skill, % HCI (Hit Chance Increase), target's % DCI (Defense Chance Increase).

In short, your DEX and weapon skill get translated into an HCI value, which is added to your HCI. The target's DCI is then subtracted from this value. That determines your bonus chance to hit.

If both you and your target have equal HCI and DCI values, the chance of hit/miss is 50/50.

- Aim

The calculations for aim take the same stats into account, but in a different way. Also, the distance from your target influences your HCI too; keep the range of ranged weapons in mind.

- Healing

Healing occurs when you use a bandage on yourself or on someone else.

Bandage timer on someone else is much shorter than our own.

When you use a bandage, you will disarm and stop attacking. Any action you take will stop the bandaging process.

The majority of classes get 60 standard healing skill. At that cap, it takes 8s to use a bandage. At 100 healing, it takes 4s.

Anatomy skill improves how much your bandages heal for.

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