Read this if you're a new player.

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Read this if you're a new player.

Post by drowking » Tue May 30, 2023 1:55 pm

This is a general guide, touching on many subjects in a basic manner, to give an overview of the shard's many systems. If you'd like more in-depth guides, please refer to the wiki (link).

- Joining the Shard

Regisfall doesn't require an application. Just download, install and play. Your first login will create your account. Make note of the password used so you don't forget it!

Reading the shard rules and understanding the lore of the race you selected is a must.

- Creating Your Character

When you first login, you'll first pass through regular UO char creation. You can pick any option here just to skip it. Once you go in-game, you'll be placed in the character creation room, which is really where you'll forge your adventurer.

You will pick race, class, alignment and general appearance here. Don't worry if you don't like your hair or beard style, you will be able to change them again ig with a barber npc (with 1 free use for hair/beard hue/style).

Your race will also determine where your character starts in the world. You are absolutely free to roam, but joining the nation of your race offers significant benefits, such as access to ranks or roles within their community, equipment and so on.

- Character Development

Your character grows in power in two ways in Regisfall: training skills and gaining experience points (custom level up system).

You train skills just like regular UO, through active use. Some skills are custom to Regisfall, however, and work differently from regular UO.

You gain exp by crafting or hunting. As you level up, you gain stats based on your race and class combination. The stats gained per level are a fixed value. Please refer to my stats guide to understand what they're used for (link).

Upon reaching level 10, every character can pick a Subclass option. A Subclass is like a specialization within the core class. When you pick a Subclass you gain access to new abilities and powers, while still attaining access to those of the core class. Pick carefully, as this will define the playstyle of your character and this cannot be easily changed later.

Every level you gain (from 1 to 20), you receive 1 Perk point, accessed via the ]perks command. Perks can be spent to grant your character some bonuses or abilities, such as increasing certain skill caps, learning different languages or becoming better at gathering resources. From levels 20 to 25, you gain 3 Perk points per level up.

Every 5 levels you gain (specifically 5-10-15-20-25), you receive 1 Feat point, accessed via the ]feats command. Feats are used to unlock race, class or subclass powers. Certain feats come with your class/subclass for free, requiring no point spent.

You start the game with 2 Feat points and 1 free Crafting Feat point. This means you can spend those 2 Feats as you like, but the free Crafting Feat point can only be spent in Crafting Feats. You also start with 1 Free Feat Reset, in case you change your mind.

You won't be able to pick every Feat of your race/class/subclass, you will have to choose which ones to keep and which ones to leave behind. That way every build is unique and no character is equal to another. Two Defender Fighters could have completely different playstyles depending on their Race and Feat choices for instance.

A Build is a combination of race, class, feats and items. It is possible to come up with many playstyles mixing and matching, the possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

- Items & Crafting

Items and crafting play a huge part in Regisfall. While a few classes give you access to certain crafting skills, most of them are obtained via Feats. Anyone can be a crafter here. Just how good a crafter will depend on how much you want to invest in Crafting Feats (potentially having to sacrifice Race/Class/Subclass Feats to take more Crafting ones).

Taking a Crafting Feat will increase the associated skill cap up to 100, which should be enough to craft most common things in that particular trade.

However, there is one Crafting Feat called Master Craft (aka MC), which further increases the skill cap to 120 for all skills gained via Crafting Feats. For instance, if you take Carpentry and Blacksmithing, they will be both at 100. If you also take Master Craft, they will go up to 120. Master Craft only applies to the skills associated with Crafting Feats. Free crafting skills gained through class/subclass are not affected by MC (for example, Alchemy and Inscription, gained via Mage class).

Aside from the regular crafting options, in Regisfall there are Plans (which more often than not require 120 or more to craft with 100% chance).

Plans are new, special crafting options. They're usually equipment, but there are utility based items and consumables as well. They can range from common types to artifact-level in power.

Plans are obtained as loot from mobs. Rarer Plans only appear as loot for the strongest mobs (bosses). Before you can learn a Plan, you have to identify them with Item ID skill. After the Plan is ID'd, you d-click it and it will be added to your crafting menu, becoming available as a crafing option.

In Regisfall there are also many new and reworked artifacts. They can be obtained from Treasure Chests (via Cartography skill and treasure maps) or Encrusted Objects (aka EOs). EOs are a rare drop from the strongest of mobs. When you d-click an EO, it can turn into Plans, Artifacts or rare resources.

There are many new resources in Regisfall as well and most Plans will require them in order to craft.

- Death

Currently, Permanent Death (aka PD) is handled through Roleplay. There is no PD mechanic in Regisfall as of yet.

When your character falls in combat, they get KO'd. KO'd characters will get up after a while and suffer a debuff for a time (called KO Sickness). When you get up, you do so with all your belongings. You lose a KO count every 12 hours.

Accumulating many KO counts will get you closer to Death. When you die, your corpse falls to the ground with all your belongings and you turn into a ghost. Your ghost can be resurrected by Players with access to Resurrect spell, by Cleric NPCs or by Ankhs in temples or spread throughout the world. Dying also gives you a Death Count. You lose a Death Count every 24h.

Red named mobs (aka Bosses) will always have a chance to kill you when they KO you. You can also kill players you've KO'd if you use a bladed item on their corpse.

- Conclusion

This is the very basic foundations of our shard. I strongly recommend reading about every topic listed here on the wiki, as it's way more detailed there. But this guide should give you a brief notion of how everything works to get started. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by our Discord, we have a dedicated channel to answer any doubts.

Welcome to Regisfall!

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