Mercadia Reborn

The Human Nation of Mercadia.
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Mercadia Reborn

Post by Talom » Sun Mar 12, 2023 6:39 pm

Taloms mind drifted, past memories flooded into his head of he and his crew, the hardships they had endured, the victories and the loss they had suffered. It was all leading to this.

Every ounce of work he and his crew had put into the nation would now come to fruition an-”General, the men are waitin’ “

Talom looked up and gave a nod, “Send word out, Mercadia is to rise past any kingdom of man that has ever existed.”

Updated rank and file system in Mercadia is as follows

Moving forward with Mercadia, all forms of nobility and any claims to a throne through blood line or otherwise will be null and void, Mercadia is to become a meritocracy run by those who would see it thrive and continue to grow with military ranking.

This new philosophy for Mercadia allows any man or woman born from nothing to achieve greatness and rise up the ranks of the military body as their merit and their prowess allows.

(Military Land is considered the various defensive Keeps around Mercadias territory.)

Rankings in Mercadia

General- Highest Rank available,the supreme authority in Mercadia, is the overall nation leader.

Colonel- Right hand of the General, a second in command position

Captain- Captains run much of the lower ranks, keep them in line and report directly to the Colonel and General. (Once this rank is achieved may apply for military land ownership such as keeps that surround Mercadias territories.)

Lieutenant- Lieutenants run much of the new entries into the ranks of the military, they ensure anyone below them in rank is following protocol and report deeds of ill intent or merit to the Captains

Sergeant- Sergeants are the backbone of the military they organize training and ensure all new recruits are outfitted by the Quartermaster. They also interface with the Quartermaster more to ensure they have all they need.

Corporal- Act as the peacekeepers and law enforcers of Mercadia and direct Ensigns and Privates as needed in times where higher ranked officials are not around.

Private- The first step upward on the Military ladder is the private, the underlying workforce of Mercadia and the rank acts as a platform to show what an individual is made of to perhaps achieve greatness.

Ensign- New recruits to the military

All Military Members will be outfitted by a Quartermaster, they simply need to make time and meet with one to figure out what is needed and it will be supplied.

Specialty Ranks in Mercadia

The Military knows the worth of its people and as such there are some ranks that are out of the scope of the general ranking system.

Quartermaster- The outfitters of the Military itself, held in high regard and utmost care they are the blacksmiths, wood workers, tailors of the nation that pledge themselves to Mercadia in a different way then those who are rank and file. (Quartermasters if shown and provided enough merit and assistance to the nation may apply for military land)

Merchant- Receives free trade rights in Mercadia and will receive aid in starting their future business, can if wanted attempt to rise in rank to Quartermaster.

Civilian- Non-military Mercadians are the general populace and are the primary focus of the military’s protection and service.

Laws of Mercadia

No non-Mercadian citizen can sell goods in Mercadia without clearance and paying the appropriate tax.

Goods being sold by Mercadians outside of Mercadia must first be approved.

No non-Mercadian can own land in Mercadia.

All Mercadians are subject to a small land tax - monthly (Military Members are tax exempt as part of their monthly pay/service)

Anyone found guilty by Mercadian Trial for the following may be required to gather resources to pay off their fine: Tax Evasion, Theft, Assault, Disturbing the Peace and the Selling of Shoddy Goods.

Anyone found guilty by Mercadian Trial for the following may be imprisoned for a length of time decided by whoever holds trial: Inciting a Riot, Piracy, Destruction of Property, Robbery and Sedition

Anyone found guilty by Mercadian Trial for the following may be subject to banishment or in greater offenses put to death: Murder, Demon Worship, Treason, Impersonating a Military Officer, Counterfeiting and Bribery.

Religion in Mercadia

Religious practice and worship is open to all so long as it does not contradict or infringe upon Mercadian law

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