Regisfall Muling Rule

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Poll: What approach to muling would you like to see on Regisfall?

1. Zero muling tolerance - Zero items may be transferred between characters, enforced by the anti-muling system as we have now.
2. Discard the muling rule - Any and all muling of items between characters will be allowed.
3. Remove the anti-muling system but leave the muling rule in place.
Total votes: 19

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Regisfall Muling Rule

Post by deepblue » Sat Mar 11, 2023 11:17 am

Since we've added the new anti-muling system, staff have been in discussion about muling in general and what would be the best view to adopt with regards to the muling rule.

The three main options discussed have been added to this poll, we would like to get as much player input as possible on this so feel free to vote or comment.

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Re: Regisfall Muling Rule

Post by Grull » Sun Mar 12, 2023 10:17 am

Here is how I see it...

Muling in our particular setting isnt so bad. I could understand if we were all one people, where the population of the server gathered in the same spot. Then yeah there would be no reason for mulling and it could be enforced as is. However, seeing as how we are not, nor are we a "hard-core" rp server. I do not see a reason for the way it is currently being enforced.

That being said, I also feel that there should not be any mulling between characters of different races. as this gives an unfair advantage to the character that comes from a race that has built supplies and equipment only to give it to their character that wouldn't actually have some kind of contact with the more stocked character, IE Elf character to Human, Orc to Dwarf, ect. A little immersion into the world isn't a bad thing.

Overall though, with the way we are all adults and have lives outside the game, muling might be the only way we can fully enjoy the game and get use out out of all it has to offer given our limited play times.

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