Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Regisfall?
Regisfall is a free to play Ultima Online roleplaying shard, using a heavily modified version of the old Teiravon script base. Our goal is to provide Roleplaying/T2 fans with a highly upgraded and enhanced version of the shard that, while remaining true to the old feel of T2, Regisfall will include many visual upgrades on the map and mechanical upgrades/additions on the coding side.

What are some major mechanical changes since T2/Rise of Empires?
There have been a number of major changes to the shard since Rise of Empires, here are some of the notable ones:
- Classes have been changed to 7 base classes, each able to choose between 2 specializations at level 10. Each spec has some free abilities granted, as well as some passive bonuses.
- Many feats have been tweaked or reworked.
- Any race can now play any class, regardless of alignment.
- Races currently available are: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc.
- Stats awarded on level up are now set values(no more random rolls).
- Overhaul of ore/mining system.
- New experience table, increased leveling difficulty.

What are some major additions?
A lot of work has gone into new and existing scripts for Regisfall, here are some of the main additions so far:
- Crafting plans for every craft skill: These are rare scrolls that can be found around the world. Once identified and learned, the item on the plan will be available in the crafting menu for you to create.
- New dungeon lockout system: There is currently 1 new high level dungeon at launch that has a 3 day lockout timer on completion. This will be a higher difficulty dungeon with high tier loot/crafting plans and will require multiple players to run.
- Nation system: An addon to the guild system, this allows the 4 main nations(Mercadia, Arandor, Karagard, Burz'Kal) to spawn their own NPC town guards and declare which of the other races are friend or foe. Friendly races can access town gates and won't be attacked by guards, while any races flagged as enemy will be denied entry through most main town gates, and guards will be hostile. Nation leaders may also declare players of a friendly race a criminal, or players of an enemy race a friend by issuing them a travel pass; these can be revoked at any time in the guild menu.
- Resource node system: There are a number of resource nodes around the map which the four main races will need to vie for control over. The more resource nodes your race controls, the more NPC guards your nation can support.
- All-in-one Vanity Ticket: A new item that allows players to change the Item ID/Hue/Name of an item in their backpack, without requiring any assistance from staff.
- Character Reforge Scroll: A new item that allows a player to change their character race and class. Current experience points and any skills which are directly transferrable between the two classes will be retained(not to exceed the new class skillcaps).
- New heal effects for Cleric and Druid
- Many new feats/spec abilities(see the Wiki for info)

What has been done with the map?
The map has generally seen a lot of improvements, with most of the work focused on the northern half of the map so far. Some of these updates include:
- Rework/overhaul of every main racial city with exception of Edana.
- 2 New keeps in the Mercadia region, intended use for noble houses.
- 3 New fort/castle areas, to be used as guild houses or npc spawned areas, points of interest, etc.
- Ameresh reduced significantly in size, featured as main entrance to the new dungeon area.
- New volcano area in Ameresh mountain, home of the Shadowclan Orcs and the first lockout dungeon.
- Reworked road to Blackwatch as well as the entire Blackwatch area in general.

Is roleplay enforced on Regisfall?
While we do not consider Regisfall to be a "hardcore" RP server, yes roleplay is enforced. Everyone is expected to stay in character and leave any OOC talk for Discord.

Will I have to write an application to make my account/character?
No. Regisfall is auto account creation and there is no application required to make a character.

How many characters slots are there?
At launch, the character limit will be one. Several weeks into launch, the limit will be raised to two. After the limit is raised, the option to buy a third slot will be available on the Donations page.

What era is Regisfall?
Regisfall is using the Mondain's Legacy client but is highly modified and doesn't really fit a specific era.

Where is the server located?
The physical location of the server is Newfoundland, Canada

Server specs?
Intel Core i7-4770k @ 3.5ghz, 16gb ram, 1gb/s Fiber connection.

When can I play?
There is no estimated launch date at this time.

Drop by the Discord server if you have any questions about the shard