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Rise of Empires was, in the beginning, a Shard based off the AD&D realms with other sources mixed in. As time passed, the story evolved along with the characters and so did the Shard itself, becoming more unique along the process. Our main goal is to keep the Shard as enjoyable as possible. Below are some of the main features it has to offer.

Custom special systems never before seen, including, but not limited to:

o Custom Races and Classes System o Custom Level System o Custom Economy System o Custom Crafting system o Custom Feat System o Custom Perk System o Custom Map o D&D Based Alignment System

Below are a detailed descriptions of just a few of the custom features:

  • Custom race and class system

Choose one of 7 races, from the proud Elves to the vile Orcs and choose a custom class based off AD&D, with more than 80 possible combinations, depending on your alignment!

Races Offered: Humans, Elves, Drow, Dwarves, Gnomes, Goblins, Orcs

  • Custom level system

Rise of Empires uses a custom Level System that, while not stopping you from training skills, raises your stats and grants you access to new powers. Unique feats and character Perks allow both race and class specific feats to be gained as you progress in skills as well as level. Roleplay is rewarded with experience points and both player and GM events usually result in top experience point boosts.

  • Player economy

Rise of Empires promotes player economy. NPC vendors are limited to bankers, stablemasters, and a few merchants (healers, barkeeps, hairstylists) as well as player vendors. Other goods are only found by purchasing them from the different Crafters in the Realm. Player merchants can also set up their own shops as a Private Business and set their own realm-changing goals.

  • Extensive Craft System for all crafters

Some items are limited by race to promote the economy. More are added as the world develops. We also use a completely restructured Ore, Lumber, Weapons, Clothing and Armor design to be more accurate. Ore veins are found throughout the lands. All colored armor can be recolored if you find a skilled Blacksmith.

  • Custom Feat System

Choose new and and more powerful feats, depending on your class, as you advance in level. Learn how to shapeshift into a creature of the wild, gain the ability to heal faster, find the prayer that will sear your enemies' skins.

  • Custom Map

Explore Rise of Empire's custom surface map, with one main continent and several mysterious islands (who knows what perils and treasure you might find in there?!), or venture through the dangerous and vast Underdark, where the vile Drow dwell and other dangerous creatures lie in wait.

  • Quests

Rise of Empires provides a multitude of quests. From simple errand type quests to complex storyline quests, personal quests, world-wide quests and everything imaginable in-between.

  • Towns

Players are able to run every town and city. They have the option to control who can and cannot enter their city, be it race, class, or allignment.