Neutral Good

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Neutral Good

You believe that a balance of forces is important, but that the concerns of law and chaos do not moderate the need for good. Since the universe is vast with many creatures with different goals, a determined pursuit of good will not upset the balance; it may even maintain it. If fostering good means supporting organized society, then that is what must be done. If good can only come about through the overthrow of existing social order, then so be it.

Ex. A Baron who violates the order of his king to destroy something he sees as Evil.

Available Races:

o Human

o Elf

o Dwarf

o Gnome

Available Combat Classes:


o Fighter


o Berserker

o Dragoon


o Ranger

o Archer

o Mage Slayer


o Scoundrel

o Bard


o Light Cleric

Available Crafting Classes:

o Merchant

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